If you were ever interested in coffee and didn’t know where to start…

James Hoffman is a “coffee person” from London and a great source of coffee info and insight. He and eleven others are behind the much-acclaimed East London coffee roaster and wholesaler, Square Mile Coffee Roasters and they are top notch. TOP NOTCH.

Last week marked the ten year point of Hoffman’s on-again-off-again blog (Jimseven.com). He posted this to commemorate.

Drink it quick.

Craisins, stale graham cracker crumbs or a slice of good ole’ apple pie might be good options to satisfy a snack attack, but don’t forget about the lowly popping corn.

Specifically, ancient, heirloom popcorn grown in the heartland of Iowa. Tiny But Mighty Foods is the first that pops in my mind when I’m watching a movie, trying to impress a date or throwing a Bill Pullman movie characters themed party. 

Be sure to grab some at any Whole Foods or several, artisanal retailers. 

You can learn more about this new popcorn craze in the New York Times

Dig in,


Food Packaging, It’ll Get You Every Time

One of my favorite benefits of being a graphic designer is having an amazing excuse to buy food simply for the packaging. I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Heck, this happens pretty much every time I go into a grocery store. Most of the time, I will even spend extra on an item if I like the packaging. Some may call this a curse, I call it an aesthetic quirk. One that happens to be wreaking havoc on my budget.